Delton C24 HD 1080P Webcam

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The Delton Webcam is designed for versatile use with a flexible clip that easily attaches to any laptop or monitor. Adjust the webcam's angle according to your preference, ensuring the perfect framing for your face or background.

User-friendly and plug-and-play compatible, this webcam requires no complicated installation or software setups. Simply connect it to your device's USB port, and you're ready to go. It's compatible with all major operating systems, giving you flexibility across multiple platforms.

Enjoy peace of mind with the Delton Webcam's built-in privacy cover. Slide it closed when not in use, ensuring your privacy is protected from potential hackers and unwanted monitoring.


About the C24

Your ultimate solution for crystal-clear video conferencing and online streaming experiences.

Equipped with 1080P resolution and a smooth 30 frames per second, this webcam ensures every detail is captured with utmost accuracy and clarity. Whether you're attending virtual meetings, connecting with loved ones, or recording live videos, your image will always be sharp and lifelike.

Thanks to its advanced autofocus feature, the Delton Webcam constantly adjusts focus, ensuring you stay in perfect focus even when you move around. No more blur or distortion - experience consistent sharpness throughout your video calls and broadcasts.

Take advantage of the built-in stereo microphone, delivering crystal-clear audio reproduction. Communicate effortlessly, as your voice is accurately captured and transmitted to the other end, eliminating the need for additional microphones.






2 Megapixels

Frame Rate (fps)


Built-In Microphone


Port Connection


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