Delton KB200 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

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True Ergonomic Comfort: How many hours do you spend on a keyboard every day, causing pains to your wrist and palm? This keyboard was designed for comfort and a natural feel.

3D Curve Design: 3D curve and split-key layout, specifically designed to promote neutral posture for the human body to promote the most relaxing typing gesture.

RSI Improvement: It has been considerably reported by customers who suffer from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) that such design does help ease the muscle stress, making their daily computer use more comfortable. 

  • Rheumatologist recommended ergonomic keyboard with a split frame key layout proven to reduce wrist strain
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection eliminates delays and interference for a smooth typing experience and freedom of movement
  • Full-size keyboard with 104 keys, full number pad, and 13 function keys, allows for improved typing speed and productivity

About the KB200

The Delton Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard blends comfort and functionality.

Engineered with the user's comfort in mind, this keyboard features an ergonomic design that reduces strain and promotes a healthy typing posture. Its split, curved shape and adjustable slope enable your wrists and fingers to rest in a natural position, preventing fatigue and repetitive strain injuries.

With wireless connectivity, this keyboard offers the convenience of working cable-free, allowing you to move around your workspace without the hassle of tangled cords. The reliable 2.4GHz wireless technology ensures a seamless connection with minimal latency, delivering a smooth and uninterrupted typing experience.

Equipped with full-size keys, the Delton Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard offers a familiar and comfortable typing experience. The responsive and quiet keys provide exceptional tactile feedback, making typing a breeze. The keyboard also features a numeric keypad, allowing for quick and efficient data entry.




2.4 Ghz

Wireless or Wired


Battery Requirements

2x AA battery

Max Operating Distance (ft.)


Numeric Keypad


Palm Rest


# of Function Keys


Keys Quantity


Customer Reviews

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keyboard DOA

keyboard didn't work... going to send back. maybe the next one will work.

Bob Roberts

Wish I could give a review, but keyboard DOA, call in support was not help.