Delton C90 Conference Pro 1080P Webcam with Speaker & Mic

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Whether you're a professional communicator, content creator, or simply seeking an elevated video conferencing experience, the Dynamic Mic is your go-to solution. With top-of-the-line video resolution, wide-angle capabilities, and advanced audio technology, this device is engineered to elevate the quality of your virtual interactions. Experience unmatched performance and seamless communication with the Dynamic Mic, your ultimate companion for capturing moments and connecting with others in the digital age.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Camera: 1080P, 16:9 30fps
Wide angle: 90°
Speaker: 6W
Mic: 4 Full Duplex Omni-directional Mics

About the C90

A multifunctional device that brings unparalleled audio and video capabilities to your communications .

With a crystal-clear camera resolution of 1920 x 1080, this dynamic mic ensures your video calls and recordings are presented with stunning clarity and detail. The high-definition camera records at 1080P and 30 frames per second, capturing your moments in a cinematic 16:9 aspect ratio, delivering smooth and professional-looking footage.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Dynamic Mic features a wide-angle lens with a 90° field of view, ensuring that everyone in the frame is visible during group calls or video conferences. The powerful 6W speaker enhances the audio output, ensuring rich and immersive sound for your presentations, webinars, or multimedia playback. Moreover, the mic is equipped with four full-duplex omni-directional microphones, enabling superior audio pick-up from all directions. Say goodbye to muffled or distorted sound, as the Dynamic Mic captures your voice with exceptional clarity, making it perfect for podcasting, live streaming, and content creation.




1920 x 1080


2 Megapixels


1080P, 16:9 30fps

Built-In Microphone

4 Full Duplex Omni-directional Mics

Port Connection





Up to 10ft/3M

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